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Each February numbers from the last quarter of the previous year are released, analysed, and discussed and if you are comScore, January’s results from the current year are also released for a nice comparison. The type of numbers we are talking about aren’t financial (in the direct sense anyway) they are online viewership numbers, and in particular online video rankings and trends. As per usual, we take the opportunity to round up all these different facts and figures into one blog post to help compare and contrast and perhaps bring a little context to the trends.

Overall Numbers
2011 ended with 85.3 percent of the U.S. internet audience viewing video online in December. That translates to 182 million U.S. internet users viewing 43.5 billion videos. However, in January 2012 that number has decreased to 84.4 percent of the U.S. internet audience or 181 million U.S. internet users viewing 40 billion videos. Compared to the end of 2010 where the U.S. internet user number was 172 million and 30.1 billion video views, there is still a growth trend in year-over-year numbers (Source: comScore).

Device Trends
According to Ooyala’s Q4 2011 Video Index Report, non-desktop video viewership – or video on mobile, tablet, connected TV, and gaming console devices – doubled in Q4 compared to Q3. More specifically, tablets led the trend with 22% growth driven by users clicking “play” more often in addition to watching video longer (Source: VideoNuze). The data for this report was collected from 100 million viewers and 5,000 domains in over 130 countries.

Social Works
Another report published by Visible Measures focusing on social video campaigns in 2011 shows that online video on social networks works. Using their own data, the report shows that over 500 branded social video campaigns gained more than a million views each, and the average campaign received 765,000 views. This indicates the trend of brands using content-as-advertising by creating engaging and entertaining material (#2 on the Video Prediction Mashup for 2012). Using humour is key and launching on Thursday certainly helps as well (Source: ReelSEO).

2012 Forecast
comScore has released their 2012 U.S. Digital Future in Focus report and supplementary video which indicates trends in branded channels on platforms such as YouTube. This leads to a continued increase in user engagement, based on a 2010 to 2011 increase in user engagement of online videos by 43%. They also note that online video ads are actually 38% more memorable than TV ads, which supports the multi-screen/multi-platform trend we have reported in the past.  “comScore expects the number of videos viewed to continue to increase in 2012 with one of the primary driving reasons being an increase in quality, original, created for-the-web content syndicated across platforms.” To conclude, online video growth is still very positive, and only the channels and methods of viewing them will change throughout 2012.  To read the full comScore report, download it here.

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