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Video is quickly becoming one of the most effective communication tools online and according to Google, rich media ads with video not only drive better business results, but are expected to grow by 38% in 2011.  As we have discussed in prior posts, it begins with creating engaging video content. This process is no longer as complicated nor as expensive as it once was, with affordable agencies and online community options becoming available everywhere. In fact, a recent case study done by Getty suggested that Microsoft may be building an even easier option yet.

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However, once that engaging content has been built the secret ingredient lies in structured distribution into trusted and relevant editorial content spaces. A video placed in this media space encourages readers to become viewers and enhances the relevancy and experience of the content piece for the consumer creating a happy matrimony between text and video, not to mention an increase in audience and participation.

So how does that happen? It starts with brand owners who create the video content either themselves or through the use of a creative agency. How much exposure the video content receives depends on distribution relationships which can go from one to many when media and PR agencies are involved. According to The Growth of Branded Content, the breakdown in exposure can be largely logistical. “Lack of co-ordination and fragmented budgets in compressed delivery schedules create confusion all too easily” (Marc Heal,

Therefore, it’s best to keep it simple. Since brands are beginning to create content themselves, they also have it within their power to become their own publishers in full control of how and where content is syndicated. Which leads to the concept of The Content Graph. According to Scott Karp, “The Content Graph is about leveraging the brand equity and consumer trust that is the greatest asset of every traditional media company. It’s about building a content brand’s reputation through distribution” and using the power of networks to make it happen (

So how do brands begin to work as media companies? By developing distribution relationships with platforms and channels (like Preview Networks) that already have over 2,000 trusted medias throughout Europe integrated into our network. This eliminates the one to many relationship and logistical nightmare that can prevent quality content from going where it needs to go. In relevant editorial content spaces that consumers trust.

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