Jul 05

A recent report courtesy of comScore indicated record breaking online video views, with YouTube at the top of the list for the month of May.  According to this report, the average online video consumer watched over 100 videos on YouTube in one month. 

Not surprising then, Google sites led the charge on destination where the most video was watched with Hulu, Microsoft, Vevo, and Viacom Digital websites following in line behind.

What’s even more fascinating is the fact that YouTube only accounts for 28% of all online video market share.   The other 72% watch their online video content through preferred media websites, mobile apps, social networks, etc.   That’s where Preview Networks comes in.

We work with our media partners to integrate easily and effectively to bring the latest online video in our network to their network of followers.   While instant gratification will always need to be fed, leading the cattle to YouTube.  There’s the other part of the population that counts on trusted names in the media marketplace to give them the online content they just happen to stumble upon.

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