Feb 14

Online Video Trending Up

By Heather Timmerman Digital Media Trends Comments Off

Last week comScore released their 2010 US Digital Year in Review, YuMe published a white paper on Online Video and Television Viewing Attitudes and Behaviors, and Distimo summarized the most popular mobile and app trends, so it appears February is the month when last year’s results are rounded up and a forecast for the new year is officially given.

The most powerful thing I read from all three is summarized in the very first paragraph of the YuMe report:

“Online video is experiencing unprecedented growth. According to the IAB, it took 38 years for radio to reach 50MM users, 13 years for TV, 10 years for cable, less than 5 years for Internet, and less than 2 years for Internet Video. Consumers of all walks of life utilize more online video now than ever before. Heavy online video users continue to increase their online video consumption while decreasing their offline TV consumption. Despite these trends, online video advertising remains just a fraction of overall advertising spending.”

That pretty much sums up everything I have read over the past few months in a very succinct way.  So what to do with that info?  If you create video, distribute it.  If you are a media platform that can display video, integrate it.  If you are a brand, work video advertising into your online media marketing plan.

What kind of video to display you say?  To conclude from the YuMe report, “consumers favor short form content over full 30-60 minute programs, as 42% of video is consumed at the workplace in “snackable,” shortform clips.” Sounds like preview material to me.

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