Feb 15

One of the predictions for 2012 was an increase in cross-platform and cross-device campaigns and after nearly two months into the new year various studies, reports, and research have surfaced to support the reason for that claim.

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The first being a joint study by YuMe and Nielsen indicating online video advertising is actually complementary to TV advertising.  Next, came a report by Videology indicating multi-screen campaigns increase brand recall. The latest research is by Discovery Communications indicating that simultaneous usage of digital platforms increases many viewers’ connection to programs and advertisements.

According to this latest study, nearly half of those who use digital devices while watching TV, said they are more likely to search for a product they see advertised on TV, and one-third said they pay more attention to what is on TV.  That contradicts earlier studies which indicate that TV advertising is losing its effectiveness, and one even stating that online ads beat TV ads in viewer recall.

This study by Discovery Communications had a strong focus on iPad users, who are unique consumers to consider. They exhibited notably different behaviour than the general population in that they are much more attentive and responsive to programming and advertising compared to the average consumer. They also exhibit social influence often sharing opinions in real time via social media.

Since iPad ownership has not become entirely mainstream yet, these consumers could be considered early adopters according to the technology adoption lifecycle. As such, this provides a unique marketing opportunity for brands and TV show producers to personalise, enhance, and engage their fans which could have profound lasting effects. If marketers are able to cross the chasm between early adopters and the early majority then a bandwagon effect creating a media engagement standard could be in the works. Creating a cross-platform and cross-device campaign is the first step.

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