Aug 01

As the video industry continues to expand and become more complex, one constant that remains is Preview Networks‘ ability to adapt to the changing environment and latest technologies. One example of this flexibility is our recent integration with The Times in the UK. We have been working with this renowned media for over two years which in industry terms is a lifetime.

As any major media outlet, The Times has stayed on top of the latest video technology in order to provide consumers with a high quality editorial experience. So it comes as no surprise that The Times is also the first media partner to combine our feeds with Ooyala video player technology. In other words, the next time you go to a Film Review page and watch a movie trailer, you will be viewing Preview Networks content through the Ooyala video player.

Ooyala is US based with global operations offering companies another way to manage their video content. What makes the Preview Networks video offering different from Ooyala and the others out on the marketplace is our ability to customise the offering to our customer or partners needs due to the flexibility and openness of our content management system.

Think Google versus Apple.  Whereas some video companies offer a closed technology solution to manage content, requiring use of their player – we offer an open content management solution. Meaning, regardless of whether or not our video player is used, content owners can still use our distribution technology to manage their content or ask us to manage it for them. As far as media owners are concerned, that means we not only offer the technology, but the content as well.

About Preview Networks

Preview Networks is Europe’s largest preview distribution network. We serve websites, apps and . Our content is available on MSN,, IMDB, , The Times, MySpace, The Guardian, El Pais, El Mundo, Le Monde and more than 2,300 other online media. We work with more than 300 companies including Sony, Fox, Disney, Warner, Universal, and Paramount. Learn more on

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