Aug 18

It’s no secret that video has exploded in the online space, nor that it is more effective than plain text and graphics. According to The Motion Effect Theory, human beings have an inherent preference for moving objects (Sundar and Kalyanaraman 2004) which is one reason why TV has been so popular for so long.

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With the evolution of the internet into our daily habits, it is only logical that as human beings we are drawn to moving objects on our computer screens as well. I’m not talking about moving ads vying for attention on the top, right and left of the content you are reading online. It’s the well done, well played online video inserted into editorial pieces and commerce pages that adds context and depth to any piece of information you may be interested in. “The combination of moving images, still pictures, graphics, sound, and text – with interactivity and mobile devices – appeals simultaneously to multiple senses making online marketing video the ultimate way to communicate, engage, and capture consumer attention” (Rick Dearborn, B2C).

According to Forrester Research, online video is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results because of optimisation tactics like blended search and according to comScore, YouTube continues to be the main driver of online video content growth with 147.2 million unique viewers in the U.S. in May, 2011. Luckily for brands, videos are becoming increasingly easier and more affordable than ever to make. The important thing to remember is to create video content with a clear strategy in mind. If it is quality content, it will always find a place in the mind of the consumer. Reaching the consumer in more places than search engines and video platforms however, is a matter of strategic distribution and content management. Something we happen to know a little bit about.

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