May 25

Here is a quick tech update on some of the new and interesting technology there is out there for watching online video. In December last year the Guardian listed Cooliris as part of their 100 sites to look out for in 2009.

We are really excited to tell you that Preview Networks is now an official film trailer partner for this new revolutionary way of searching the internet.

Cooliris 1

So, what is Cooliris?

It’s a intuitive and slick new way to watch and visually search image and video online and represents the cutting edge in interactive, user generated content aggregation technology.

You install an add-on to Firefox, Safari or IE creating a shiny, black 3D wall of content you can quickly flick through. The easiest way to describe it is it gives you the ‘Minority Report’ effect of seeing a wall of your friend’s photos, videos etc.

Cooliris is quickly gaining attraction online with over 40,000 downloads a day. It doesn’t just look amazing – it saves the end user a lot of time too, and mainstream media like the New York Times have been singing its praise.

Besides just being able to look at through Cooliris, we supply content to their ‘Discover’ section, which means that users in the UK can see our film trailers in the Movie Trailer section.

The internet is constantly changing and the way your customers consume content today will not be the way they do it tomorrow. A move away from text-heavy browsing towards multimedia browsing is perfect for video content. We’re constantly looking out for what the next big thing online and mobile is going to be.

You can install Cooliris from their website here.

We’d would love to hear your opinion on this platform and the future of internet browsing: what technology do you think is going to be big in 2009 -2010?

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