Apr 12

It’s no secret that mobile is an emerging media platform.  According to comScorethe growth in mobile media usage is largely attributable to the growth in smartphone.“  It all started with the iPhone and now the latest research from Gartner forecasts the Android operating system will be powering 49% of smartphones by 2012.  As far as video is concerned, that is very good news. Smartphone sales are forecasted to increase by 58% in 2011, so it’s a great opportunity for content owners to start thinking about expanding their video marketing campaigns and distribution channels.

Melodi Media is a full service mobile agency that has been focusing on this emerging platform since 2001, when customised ringtones were all the rave.  Now with branded video content moving into mainstream marketing plans, they are in a prime position to assist with the move to mobile, which makes them a natural partner for Preview Networks.

Through their content management platform you will find tons of mobile entertainment content choices including games, audio books, video recipes, and film trailers by Preview Networks.  So if you have content to publish, or are thinking about moving beyond online, Melodi might be a nice place to start.

About Preview Networks

Preview Networks is ’s largest preview distribution network. We serve websites, apps and . Our is available on MSN, , IMDB, , The Times, MySpace, The Guardian, El Pais, El Mundo, Le Monde and more than 1,500 other online media. We work with more than 300 companies including Sony, Fox, Disney, Warner, Universal, and Paramount. Learn more on previewnetworks.com

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