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If you follow any marketing and advertising blogs or news feeds you will find that there is no lack of recent articles or data suggesting that online video is how businesses should market their products and services. In fact, our most recent blog post discussed how online video is the content marketing of the future which was inspired from a growing theme that can be found in many of our past blog posts, based on market trends.

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One thing is to read about how increases , encourages sharing, and creates a more engaging experience for the , but it is yet another to take action and make online video happen for your business. The task can appear daunting, especially for those who have never thought of marketing products and services in this way. There are various traditional and nontraditional ways to approach this task.

Traditionally it starts with the internal development of a concept, into a storyline, and content sourcing (both graphical and editiorial). Then with the help of a video production company comes the physical shooting, editing and recording of the video itself which requires both internal and external resources to work together in harmony.  Or, you can pitch the concept to a creative environment like Poptent which introduces an entirely new way to approach creating video assets.

A recent article by ClickZ summarised the concept beautifully, but essentially you pitch a video idea to a community of creative artists, put a price tag on it, and give it a deadline. Afterwards you receive a series of video submissions to choose from after which you award one lucky recipient. Sounds pretty easy peasy! The tricky part is deciding how and where to market the new video asset. That’s where Preview Networks comes in.

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Preview Networks is Europe’s largest preview distribution network. We serve websites, apps and . Our content is available on MSN,, IMDB, , The Times, MySpace, The Guardian, El Pais, El Mundo, Le Monde and more than 2,300 other online . We work with more than 300 companies including Sony, Fox, Disney, Warner, Universal, and Paramount. Learn more on

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